HULK 2.0 DV & Child Protection

I can't believe I'm saying this, a normal bloke... I've taken life and saved lives for 18 years protecting women and children from the most frightening psychopathic drug fueled criminals in Australia.  Four of them threated with murder via firearm (not for the first time), seven (7) kids now eighteen years AND not one of them I have not saved".

In the time it takes to watch this video QLD Police will be called to 5 Domestic Violence and or Family Violence emergency calls. 

That equates to 40 calls every 27 Minutes Australia Wide.  

In the time it takes you to watch this video, QLD Police officers will be called out to five domestic and family violence occurrences. Equate that around Australia and it is more then 40 calls per 27 minutes.

These are some national websites and hotlines that I also recommend can help and assist you.  

Women's Safety

Help is HERE Campaign

Domestic Control

Domesic Violence Line


p: 1800 737 732

When a Domestic Violence VICTIM, a severely Child Abused BEGGING mum who cannot go to police as she will NOT BE BELIEVED, because her identity has been changed... It takes a HULK and Indigenous Australia to save her white 7 week old dying baby's life.

Hulk 2.0 DV & Child Protection


Hulk 2.0 DV & Child Protection is SUCCESSFULLY stopping DV and CHILD ABUSE in it tracks.

If you or your children are in immediate danger do not hesitate and call 000 and report it straight to police.  If you are need Hulk 2.0 Child Protection, we FACTUALLY RESULT.  We save lives, we can coordinate via our contacts taking enormous pressure off you and we are proven.  Hulk 2.0 Child Protection is the ONLY (REAL LIFE EXPERIENCED) Elite Private Child Protection Team in Australia.   We are linked to Specialist Doctors, Cultural Advisors and Police contacts if required for you too.  To speak with HULK 2.0 DV and Child Protection about extractions and or getting you relocated and safe with fully bulk billed medical and understanding police, Jason M p: 0425 638 428