ABP (320) Walk Business Plan

Simiultaniously like most our projects, Walk has been built with platforms to grow, develop and support fair Australian Business.  Our skill is not to run companies for profits or income.  Australian Business Projects specialises in resolving problems, crisis manage and keystone solution.  Like over 90% of our projects, Walk develop solutions for communities and governments and promote local business.

As we don't know whom the party will be at this stage that we decide to hand the entire project over too, we have Walk has been built with a powerful ABP/IP designed business plan designed for local small local business ownership all the way through to franchising or corporate ownership.

Walk is a project passionate to us about society, personal health and well being, but there is also an employment, business ownership and mangement aspect to it too.

If you are interested in becoming involved with Walk on a business level or within your local region please read on....

Walk for Business
From its business perspective it targets the the largest market of consumers in the world; Weight Loss.

But that not why ABP designed it.. Walk was more about "fixing the failures" of weight loss and making it "easier for everyone".  And that why it works.



So Walk Australia has so many benefits, its is a post covid 19 essential business operative with endless array of genre and category. Walks benifits are documented and you can read more about patient zero here.

Weight loss
Mental Health
LOCAL Business opportunities

Post Covid 19, Walk provides irrifutable results and ease and caters to EVERYONE, on, off, any time, full time, part ime, occasionally with no hassel and no fuss.

Walk appeals to its customers  simple business abp plan with an abundance of of customer benefits, extremely affordable and guaranteed health * money back first week.
Massive customer market, caters to current walkers.. but more importantly the other 95% of people.. who at home can't motive, want to lose weight, have better mental outlook it is as easy as using you legs.. walking.

What's not easy is getting yourself out there, doing it by yourself, motivated, lose weight..

Well walk makes all this easy.. it's been designed to make it easy..

Walk is an Australian Business Projects study.. and it's pretty much guaranteed to work.

Check out our website and Facebook page and sign up now..

and maybe meet or make a couple of new friends..

*Personal Walk
Some ppl need and or prefer it
*Special Needs Walk
Rehab, personlised weight loss, mental health, other

Walk times

General (main)
• Mums
• Fitness
• over 70's
• over 60s
• over 40s
• Kids
• Business
• specialised weight loss
• Interest groups for example; fishing, NRL, camping, dining, gg, eating, bbqs, wine, pot smokers.. lol
• Walk
• Specialised Discrete Weight loss Walk
•Walk training
•Walk Personal Training

Easy to do
Massive customer base
No (very minimal overheads)
General $10 per week.
Unlimited customers, unlimited business and income potentials.

Business options
• Sell business plan (Burleigh)
• Run (not preferred option)
• Partner
• Franchise
• Licence
• other.. Sub contract
Because of the captured market, low overheads, appeal to clientele this is a business opportunity that can't be ignored.

Customers x1 General
$10 per week
Guaranteed to lose weight
And it's as easy as walk.. and to you own chosen level.

Groups up to 10 scenario e.g.
• Group 1 beginner morning

• Group 1 intermediate fast walkers
• Group 1 advanced Burleigh hill

Per class