They're back.... Get ready to CUM YOURSELF Wow.. Gold Coast Australia and only this how have seen  this band will now what i mean.. wo they re.. BACK!  There is going to baby sme gold coast bidbies made tonght when you here the news.. SML Are BACK  OMG god the most epic gold coast band that has been invitation  only gigs as the they hate woolwoths and coles.. this is one of the only basnd in the workld that plays liehje this .. whell in fasct there is no band that ever was this.. and get ready for Sticky Mutt Lush IS BACK the BIGGEST HARDEST GC ROCK BAND WHERE THEY MAKE YOUR GIRLFRIEND FUCK YOU AND ISD GAUREENTEED AS HARD AS YOU CAN CAUSEDGUYS CANT NOT DO IT ANY OTHER WAY...AS SO AS SHE KNOW THE THE WHERE JUST MOST DISGUSTLY BAWEOME BAND WITH OWN YOU FOR LIFE.  

They're back.... Get ready to rock FUCK HARD woth the BIGGEST HARDEST YOU GOING TO FRUCKIG WANT ROCK FUCK AN COM ALL YOUR YOUR OWN FACE THIS BAND MAKES YOU GIRLFREID WHANNA FUCK YOU AT JUST THE SOUND YOF YOU THEIER NAME ALONE THE IS AN AC DC FUCKINH\G ROCKS BAND THEY \NO OTHER THE THIS CIS ATRUE FUCKING LOCAL GG ROCK\DOCUNTED ROCK BAND THE WILL BREAK FULLBAALL THER THEY ALMOST TO TO TO SOME EVERY FUCKING GIRL THEIR MAME ALONE ASS SOON AS YOU GIRLFRIED WHILEC WANMT GTO FUCK YOU THE MIUTE SHE FUVKING HERE THERE NEMER THIS IS THE GOLD COASON ONWE OF THJE MOERE LEADGARY FUCKING ROCVK BAND YOY\Y HAVE TO SEE IT TO BEEIVE HOE FUCKINGH INSANE A WILD THE FUCVKINMGH DISGUSTLY MAKE TH\YUOU WANT FUC K MORE THE EXYESYT THIS BAND DOES MASKE POLE COME AT THE SOUND OF THEIR VERY FIRST NOT NOTE BELEVIE THESE IS YTE LEGENAC\DARY\RY GOLDCOAT GET READY FOR SML all is back people their first gig the booked ois out doors DOES ANy ONE LIKE DOMALD TRUMP ON THE GOLD COAST WELL EVERY ONE WILL JOIN THE YOU YOURE GOING WATCH SML TEAT HIM A NEW ASS thas beand does not stop and is Lead by Jason What the fuck DID YOU DO, this cunt wll hit the rest set button whe  you see it ot trump life, Back4ed by the LEGENDRY MIKKEE FUCKING 5 thoe invitation only Ricich Zambora tribute band and o=won the the most sepic guitatist yyou ghoing soo thiis fuck cunt that fiuckign gutar rin and hid form if you the dido were the bist that you seen in life this bloe just blek fucking didlo do dis apeak this thas  yon will need to see thye fucking be able ytobeleive you just nred to see as you will see some people run intorducing Blake ,, blah the heart of it and the heart of it and to e suol of anyone that loves music cause he their fav in the band ,, an dthe n we got omg that photo this fucking did has falling as slppel burnt his onhouse down whuile peope were sleeping inti bacause these guys pasly that fuckinmgsd hasrd and this dude well you know hoim people lick all drummer fucking difiuct at tt buttnhauses  annd EVERYONE will know this guiy who know EVERYONE will know who just wanted to paly one song just one with SML COOLEST FUCKING DUDE FROM GC TO TAMWARTH TO BONDI Well ladies and gentle if this blok edoid this for you now onwoder his got one ofr the biggest fan baases off cross and Aust because he is the very reason you GET sSML SML amassve DREAM COME TRUE to a block you mighht owe beers to in pub cause just the guy being true to you GC LOCALS WELL WELL THAT IS SML YHIS IS ADULT OLY PEOLPE SO SEMSITVE BECAWARE SO BE RESPOCIBLE PARENT GET YOUR CHILREN OUT OF HERE UNLESS THEY LOVE BOB TIT ASND WHAT YOU ABOUT TO SEE AND LADIES AND GETLEMAN THIS IS THE MOSSTY DISGUTINMG MAKE YOUR GIRLFRIND IS 100% MAKE CUM MEET ORGASIM BABD NJMAMES GOLDC COAST AUSTRILA WE GIVE YOUSML>>>> STICKY MUIT LUCH.. theyt about to make yto cum...... down  a gutitar this nloke make SIN in onlyh away sml CAN swhat himjust want to  The band so one of the BIGGEST HARDEST MOST FUCKING TRUEST GG Bans you with every aFTER you see this bad tey even fuck your mrs for oyyou is SHESTHINKS it YOU with Waone OF THE MOST Maeke YOU WANYT ROCK out of THE RPR RAGE AGAINST MACHINE A NEW FUCKUNG ASS THEFUCKING  ot the coks cock with the most Rage and Agansoit Sinful Fuckign Marchine Your Have ever see in Give is so fuckign hasrd just tuer name fucks your girl for your

Burleigh Hill


Killing in the Name