ABP (467) Local Market & Show Event Fishing Stands $19,990+GST

Make excellent money by demonstration and selling Australian Tackle Company's Fishing Tackle Products at your LOCAL Markets, Events and Leisure Shows.

Sell our popular "Wind-On" Fishing Tackle, your LOCAL Fishing Charters, and more at a busy market and event shows near you.

Perfect for anyone who loves fishing and or sales persons wanting to make up to 300% distributor price return.

Australian Tackle Company Distributorships_Local Market Reseller & Shows Stands_low res
  • A very simple, low overhead operative
  • Highly successful turning over thousands of dollars.
  • Perfect for anyone that loves fishing
  • or persons looking for exceptional income opportunity post COVID19.
Christmas Night Market
fishing_atc tackle packs

ABP (467) Australia Tackle Company
Local Market, Event and Show Stands

A local market fishing distributorship built for

  • exclusive safe income
  • in demand service
  • minimal start up expense
  • simplified operative
  • low overhead expenses
  • highly profitable return

Post Covid19 Business Opportunity

Australian Tackle Company Local Market Fishing Stands are an excellent Post Covid19 business opportunity for;

  • new business income
  • persons and/or businesses looking for post Covid19 trading arms
  • persons and/or businesses already within industry looking to inject new sales lines
  • Persons, managers or entrepreneurs capable of managing a safe, solid platform of business return.

Simple Operative

  • This a very simple business operative and proven as one of the most popular and profitable show stands at any markets, events and shows.
  • It provides the pop up stand, business plan, training, sales paraphernalia, everything.
  • Popular High Selling Products and Services
  • Perfect for Markets, Events & Shows
  • Proven Businesses
  • Excellent Profit Return
  • Easy to Run & Low in Overheads
  • Full Product & Sales Training Provided
  • Locations Available - Australia Wide

Your Skills

Built for Post COVID19 just bring along YOUR fishing and sales skills and plug them in to the easiest EVER fishing showcase.

Well suited to anyone with capability to manage and advantage from the Australian Tackle Company "wind-On" Fishing Tackle.

You can also sell other products, fishing charters, holidays and guides, you are unrestricted as a distributor of Australian Tackle Company there are no hidden costs or licensing fees all your profit is for you to keep.

Bass (Jason McMillan) caught with our Wind-On LURE CONNECTORS (001)

Nothing more to spend

  • Costs only $19,990 + GST and you make up to an $36,000 return.
  • Nothing more to spend starter packs; includes
    • all your stock
    • professional show stand gazebo
    • all your signage
    • all your samples
    • all your product display boards
    • a-frame sign
    • product brochures
    • sales tables
    • stand weights
    • Show, Market and Event qualified Stand.
    • Nothing more to spend
    • Full training Provided

Sale Price

ABP (467) Local Market & Event Fishing Stands with full fit out plus stock $19,990 +GST

Costs only $19,990 + GST and you make up to an $36,000 return.  Special Stock price given to initial Demonstrator start up distributors only to assist pay for their stand and fit out. Following orders for stock replenishment you go straight to distributor prices allowing you to make the full retail margin of 300% for demonstrating our tackle.