White LIVES matter
Indigenous Australia says... 


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Project Developers
Shannae Tritt: CEO (Australian Business Projects)
Jason McMillan: Chairman (Australian Business Projects)

Indigenous Recognition

The symbolic meaning of the flag colours (as stated by Harold Thomas) is: Black – represents the Aboriginal people of Australia. Yellow circle – represents the Sun, the giver of life and protector. Red – represents the red earth, the red ochre used in ceremonies and Aboriginal peoples' spiritual relation to the land.

To our Cultural Advisor, (Amarlee) thank you so much for placing an ELITE team of Female Medical Support around Shannae the new courageous CEO of Australian Business Projects.   Shannae and I were placed together in extraordinary circumstances that can only be explained via YOUR words our Cultural Advisor could say and IT WAS ANSWERED BY Indigenous Australia. 

White Lives Matter, ALL Life Matters...
Shannae, especially yours!

Doctor Kiran (Gold Coast Acute Medical Team) thank you for showing confidence in me

Im so happy to be progressing to where i first started but (Dr Keran) I had to go this processvia Kalwan and as can you imagine ME.... before your treatment........walking in to the cops saying i poisioned FIFFTEEN METH FUELED crack head flogs, saved a dying babies life and punched someone (the most frightening crinaminal their is so FUCKING HEAD they died?

Fuck I would arrest myself.. But what if its TRUE?

Doctor Roslyn Loudoun (Kalwan Elite Medical Team) thank you for showing confidence in me.  As Dr Keiran knows Hulk 2.0 will not harm anyone. I will not break that promise except in exeream circumstance as you do now know (I AM GENTLE) but obviously (not with that guy I punched) he was absolutley frightening to me, but he was so DANGEROUSLY frightening to wemon and children, threating to openly murder them, you could not even begin to imagine how tramtised these kids were and are.  I hit that flog of a coward so fucking hard (i never wanted to) but i felt my fist inside his HEAD i felt a rush like i can not even explain, i knew then criminal would only come at me if they had firearm and these crims are drugoos not disiplained for dealers more like deal to smoke and injust meth.. so danagerous mst more than any oters but  

he was resus'd at least 5 to 6 times, rushed to hospital and placed on life support.  It was more comforting knowing you would or possible could be getting arrested them wiuht dealing with him ever again he was putridly bad, and his girlfriend one of the most danagerous perople around children in Australia or why they fuck have i saved gher life now so manty times too. 

He would have had jaw, skull checkbone eye socket plus vertibrea fractures anbd there was no way i was going to revive him of call paramedicacs and cops, fuck it was my only5 seconds of relfi i felt since he started threatening everyone lives. Yhis fuck was so nuts when there hom egot raided be buried firearm in a shchool ids sand pit, his rs Glass Attackes reiteired cops in Hope Iland restatraunt, you are not DEALING with loolypop craimainal with i get like this..



This crimainl was so meth fulled, police would never ever  charge me for it as i had laready contactdd them of threat of firame and not to mention the guys was screaming murder and his King Kong  PIMP minder that shit himself near handed me it and put his own hands in the fuckign air scared iswas going to flog him next but im never touching a gun in my life, they fucking repulse me

And i have saved a dying babies life 7 weeks old and assited (7) kids with pife and protected them as their last line of defence more then i could care to recall.

 , more than once. 


Amarlee and Kalwan Indigenous Health, Slater Family. Peachy Family, the 2 Ashleighs loved presto their lives as children so much.  You all saved mine and Ashleighs life so many times and 2 years ago and again now. 

I factaully saved life with KALWAN INDIGENOUS HEALTH too and Carleen Armour Broadbeach Police of a dying blue baby suffering servere DV and Child abuse on record with QLD Police and Gold Coast University Hospital. 

Kierien (CEO) your Cultral Advisors like Amarlee's and Nathan Salter's are LIFE saving; they truely are. You are doing a wonderful job mate (admin sucks) but your WORK is saving life I myslef via Sinan and Jeremy and Ros are proof of that.  

I am so proud to be part of the Kalwan family as i saved Life with them.  Slats (you mate).
I am so proud to be friends and mates with Carleen Armour as we 100% saved life so subtle understanding of orgaisation in 20 minute FAST.  Carleen ill never forget knew straight waway called her the million dollar baby.. she needs myine and Kalwans help.   

Im so proud to defentd wemaon an dchildren, like Shannae, Suzie Kylie and 11 children

As who would ever walk away from Shannae and not want to beleive in our new CEO, she is tougher then most pole I've met and know one knows her. 

Im so proud that via this way i can help all the girls in my life and make no harm to anyone as they all are in soem serius DV and child abuse shit and been to hell and bback past 20 years.   





  I have even factually SAVED life and found i have a life via a serive so wonderful and comprehansive.  uits cured me from so many health aliments and i never realised to find my own mental helth. 

I have an elite team of Doctors and RN's Collen and Caitlyn within BOTH QLD Health and Kalwan Indigenous Health. AND my million moral dilemmas SOLVED ALL at once.  DIRECTLY after my appointment Ros....who follows? 

So Amarlee (mine and Shannae's cultral advisor) ARE YOU ready to save lives with me?
I promised Dr Keran i won't Hulk out, I am good at this Hulk 2.0 Subtle as i want these want to be FLOG criamiinal to know only thing saving there fucking ass is my elite team of Docotrs.  Anklet boy i will slove with Cops, you please take care of Shannae polease and then we are helping her person she wants assuistance for and i am bringing in someone who last was only 10 years old when they were SAFE. 


He know's I have a case; its all i needed to hear and I trust all doctors 100% without question.

Amarlee, I will be meeting with Kerien CEO of Kalwan to reference you, and some staff ive seen so instumental in Kalwans opperative and i will be asking keiran to assist me with presto and peach to identify Ashleigh and i would be so honoured if you would hgive me some words to ask this of our elders, as this next one is been through something so horrific and everyone but me has forgotten her but not Ashleigh Peach. 



i will be reporting to the same office via Kalwan Ingigionous Health and CEO Keirans advices via Carleen Armour, whom with Natahn Slater at Kalwan I have factually saved life.



I'm doing Hulk v2
It's much worse for DV and Child Abusers...



As you've got my CEO in your hands?
She wants some assistance , esier to help them this way then shove anklet boys leg up his ass?  As i promised all docotrs, I won't Hulk out as if i punch these coward flogs just once it factaully mean resus 5 to 6 times and a booking for Gold Coast University Hospital Life support, so Hulk 2.) is all business and duty of care (dont hurt poor big tough anklet bracklet FLOGS whom not really good around FUCKING kids.  So if you can handle me occasional saying some anger releasing mechanisms and you help my CEO, i will have a word with this fog PRIVATELY on line or altrenativly via my contaxt in Braodbeach Police and my new CEO has some very big and warranted concerns and im heearing all sorts of BULL SHIT. 





this is the real shit.. i am good at this after 17 years, amys as well save so more lives and not kill another more freightening crimainal tthreatening murder to wemon and children as i can factually say i did both i ever poisioned 15 crackheaad meth FUCKS saving a 7 week old babies life, but if docttors are happy with Hulk v2 im happy with hulk v1 and like v2 better like THIS. Nice and legally or they can SUE me 


You asked me to ask our ancestors some questions... they ALL answered starting with Shannae. and the Ashleigh and then Kylie all in that order to allow Shannae fair time to join our Team as CEO of Australian Business Projects.   

White Lives Matter... ALL LIFE MATTERS 

Amarlee you already made my life PURE with Project Walk... 
I tried to expain it to everyone, I am fully resolved of all conflicts and TRUE.  

Project: Walk (just signed off on by Doctor Roslyn Loudoun) Kalwan Indigenous Health was PURE because of you Amarlee, Nathan Slater will testify to it, so will my son

So would even Dr Ros.  Project Walk; was a highly successful project and its results overwelmingly BEAT all other weight losss methods and PROVED a COMPLETE HEALTH RESORATION, PROVEN via Blood tests.  It was so successful I did not even qualifiy for Catlins to give me a medical treatment, of which i needed to have a health ailment; docotor Roslyn Loudoun said NOPE, just like my SHIRT... perfect health. 

It is why i told you im telling Presto about you, you are exactley like HIM the SOUL of Indigenius Australia as are my Elite Medical Teams at Kalwan Ingigenous Health. 

 and thamt mean Collen and Caitlyn, it mean Salter, Buster, Simon it mean Sanan Jeremy, Roslyon, it means ALL  Keirein Kalwan CEO (who i can go to or ask Presto and Peach to help or YOU Amarlee, you are (as big as Presto) he would tell you EXACTLY them same, as 20 years ago, that was Asleighs my daughers life. 

as you are factaully my family.  


This project was built during COVID with my childhood best friend and Amarlee, you MADE it PURE with my friend FOR ME, (no one else) as it was you and my friend that gave me back my life to where i was 20 years ago.  

My friend contacted my after the bushfires, she has suffered 20 years of Domestic Violence and Control and her eldest daughter in her own words (life destroyed) Historic Severe UNREPORTED Child Abuse to now two of her eldest daughters.  It has also started on the youngest two as well to which I'm her WITNESS.  She is a super mum she is in a world of trouble (her kids are perfect) BUT adults around her controlled domestic environment are not especially with NSW Child Services and NSW Police or Doctors (or me) and it is time I show I am far more qualified (my proof is Shannae), to not turn a blind eye and FID steely RESOLVE.

I am dangerous Amarlee, highly dangerous, so dangerous that Dr Keirian has an acute Health Team around me as he thinks i will HULK out.  GOOD

As it is so easy for me to do... AS I am FACTUALLY craving a PIMP at the moment and 2 NSW Cops i would love to end their *lives (carefully worded as a DIRECT THREAT but END THEIR LIVES *as they now know it) as they did to innocent Children I've protected (when services and police FAILED for 17 years).  I have factaullty defended murder threats of fiream hooting of Wemonn and Children. I fhave hit a flog so freihgtening to Wemonand Children so fuckign hard hje need resus 5 or 6 timers and life support, i stillfeel my fist inside his head, i do know i am dangerous to (ONLY CRIMINAL) like that and no one else.  , taken and saved life.  (TRUE or FALSE) ?

But i won't hurt any of them (as im not STUPID) Doctors. Unlike the SYSTEMS of Child Servives and also Lead Investigator Witness P{rotection Tony FLOG Folks is about to expalin in QLD Courts.

nd Docotor Rosyln have acute meadical teams around me with phone numbers in my pohone 24/7. 


She has tried to use my name (like her friend tried to just do maliciously) to intentionally hide (of which she cannot disprove) HISTORIC UNREPORTED SEVERVE DOMESTIC CHILD ABUSE. 

Do i throw this girl ssuper mum to the wolves NO.  Instead Amalee, we help them easily and subley via direct waring an dsuble message via Caleen Armour.  Same for Shannae as other ways DO NOT WORK. Mums gwet in more shit and kids worse off.  









ust signed off on by Dr Roslyn Loudoun an

While Lives Matter, Amarlee you told my MINE, that means ASHLEIGHS and NOW SHANNAE'S lives MATTER. WE said ALL LIVES matter. 

HTF do i explain this, i can not WAIT for 100 allocated times of documented crohnolical start to end resport for you docotrs OMG, you got no idea WTF is going on you are so good at you job you not realise it you admimns and mangement s fuckign fyou over, it is why amarlee, shannae and ashleighs and interestante comuuinicatiosn are FN out of control worse is my case Ashlighs name changed so many time. it not isnclair it is SIN FULL on Tony Flog Folks Lead investigator NSW 2003 WP 100 or 300 Million Dollar Scott Case).... hmm

Tony what you did to my adopted daughter, and my adoptvie granddaugher and her siblings, i willnever forgive nor will they nor will nyone  (many boy catsle hill cop station that day in you file we meet, i will slpap you fukcginh head so heard neat time i saee you flog you wait to you see HUlk mouther fuckiger , you to Tony, buyt i need you FLOG alive to testify and go to jail. Sue me you coward FLOGS, you made me an dAshlight liek this .. READ MORE...





Well i got alot of girls and 2 boys needing help.  


Amarlei please please my elite FEAMALE Kalwan Indigious Team around the weamon and kids i beinging to you  (Dro

, Arlee, i told you im telling Ashleigh old mmates Peachy and Prosto she begged for 

You asked me to ask our ancestors... they answered with Shannae, Amarlee even Presto, Peach, Slaters they will NEVER stand for what happen to Ashleigh no human being would.

And especaily my friend and rereferences for my commuinity projects like Afer Care Pateinet Rehabilition Fishing Fridays where my freind in business liek Dwymne and Bec supplied 100's to 100's of Sanggs we supplied baread onions fishing gear, helped perole and man you seroive s only look after the services while kids slip through th eCRACKS of admin and intenal mangerment FUCK ups of epic epic proportion.  Yuo cannot even disprove it. 



srences from people lie Amarni Gold Coast YOUTH Services and (After Care), headmaster reence my have even asked me for assistance, heaps of prole coming to this atrocity Amalralle i m never not ever stop ficghting for chicks and kids..ill be far more dangeroust to ctrimainl now.. i am in elite madical care i am in elte indiginous care like Sanae , we wow woill blow you away wiht mine / hers DOCUMENTED Cholorinolgical Reports for you and my forth appoint fo you to rpove or disporvoee true.. as i will tell you i not bullshit, it soulds it , there is onyl one read face.. know that plaes e ok.  Puchched the FUCK dead,,i not bullshititing (but you know im safe) this my comapny proves it.  Me not breaking ankelt boys leg or head proves it (*Shanbnae can tell him to clean it yupu or we will first time in her life and she has Supprt from Elite Feamale Docaors and Me and Calrleen Armour Broadbaeach {Police, i not stanind for thar shit when a girl hits me up for help NEVER will i ignore a Shannae EVER, or a Kliye, or a Suzie or and Ashleigh or a Amay or a Misty/.. never ever. 


our 4th Appointment 


MY life matters, there life amtters, Docotrs time to take me more seroiusly, lets do spearate phy reports kalwan ve Elite tam , test my recall event tramuars test my truthd  for Kylie for Shannae, Shennae's Mum, FOR my Asheligh, Kylie's Zoey, Moni, Chelsea, Chole, Caydance*, Maddie, Jacob, and Aidan too.

I can not escape this even in the US with Amy and Misty too.  Amarlee only YOU told me cultural words about myself i needed to know and HEAR about (my life) salts you sent me the KISS massage be proud of achlements (you too mate). i love all my doctors My elite Team of Female Kalwan Elite Maedical and Shannae now is iloving being in their SAFE proffeiona Heand for first time in her life.. 

Female Doctors and RNs Collen and Catlyn will testifty as will you and your beutifle wife (a real SUPER MUM) im so gentel with kids all mmy girlfreinds will testfy i so gentel with Wemon , allmny freinds will testify  (well atleat know they know i am 100% true for being a cranky HULK mother fucker.. as i have reason too. So does Shannae, and ESPECIAL the HULKETTE im going to saved calls herslef Tony Flog Fols (like me) evil cunt.  We both not you made us that Tony, fuckig Hulk is coming for you , so is Ashlight so (are 

.. i not turning my back on this it destroyed my life, my tramuas why less then ashleigh (E**L C***) neureses and all my freinds assoutates collague and family of my gentalness around weaon and children same as they will tesitfy i will serois ly harm someone treatening murder to weman and children via firearm, i puchnhed that FACK so hard he needed immedaite RESUS 6 times and lkife support i would think as beronke so many fuckign bones i felt ever single on of them it is a trauma im telling you about docotrs it is fullon it is freightening to even you.  How do you think it is for wemon and children, what does it maen when somentngs children not even react?? hmm

so you can see i deal with heavy fuckign CRIM YES, ones that glass attack reitired cops, have methfulled reandon craims waana bes carrying FIREARM and king Kong pussy fuckign minders ,who shiyt themselve and quite them omoent you drop their boss, fFFS, i am not joking abotu shit, it is not fuckgin entertainment for Curly DAVS and Bald Fucking Daves, i am highly dangerous i know it you know it docotrs, you are my elite medical team fuck, im not yours thats for sure. But kreiren ytou ask anything of my, i'd do once i also ) like Amalee, Dr Ros, Aidan (70% improvement) and Shannae is proof i not dangerous, im worse, ok, unless youve saved life like me or had to take on like me, as i not wanted any of it. Even right now. 


But i am NOT walking away, you can now learn to wrok with me, i am hard on this shit, it good, some one needs to be as WHY did Ashlirhgg and Shannae slip through the cracks.. why?

it starts with QLD Health, Warning Tony Folks not to do it, these kids want answers, i do,, you do.  Surely, when im following all docotrs advice oin may 2 seperete awasoem Teams.. wellstop worrying and bloody start helping me Kirean, i need you as a Dr college treating me nto the other why around,my shit is true you need kallwan mediacl appoint starting 4th to chioronogla docotmnent it, then TREAT me, same if Ros refers Shannae too, you got no idea what we been through until 4th appointment "{in cionfidence to my Elite meadical and HKalwan team of incofiande docotrs and Amarlee my cultral advisor. But you ware dealing with me in business now as well as pateni. 


Doctor Roslyn (only you and Jarred) know of FACTS of my consult and I have to report it to QLD Police and Batemans Bay Poice, it is law an dmoy report i made while something i saw sent mumminto nervous breakdown and her freind told her it was us, i left the house clear of my own accord and $TH party distance myself via you and then jarred, jarred did not fall for their BS therapy either and i know she is now (taking the wrap hiding bhind only person she can she know will never hurt her or kids ME. 

but i can nto report, same get Ashliegh (my step daughter and Shannee immedaitlete assisatance to Alamrlee and elite FEMALE mediacl Help via Kalwan ingeions who i factly saced life with and also Female indigious awsome cop Caleen mate me nad her not mess arrond with this liek docotrs you need to knwo this suble interaction saves lives Caerrlen and i 20 minutes. 

Batemens Bay, Bbut the mum is my childhood friend, i understand why she jsut did what she did and she is in a lot of trouble as my child protection stuff firghtened her when i told her trusth of my tramsa, she already knows about. 

 (I have no grey areas around kids like this) I'm OCD* an delite in my on rights within Child protectionand domestic vilance and business, so Docytors, prove me WRONG as to why i can assit Shannae proffessional and im anm stillin you cofience of care i am so looking for to docoment in consie cholgical order for you are events you need knoewldge of for teatment and i amn exactly where i want to be Seeing Doctro Ros on Friday and looking for to my madical on th e4th wiht EXPERT kalwan Ingigounous Health i i saved life, i have (as told you taken life), you obeviosuly understand iam not dangerous, i was so lucky for ressus and life support as i would never have ressused or turnturned on th eprower for life supprt, the fuck will nave harm or frieghtedn weamon or children again and these are not lollpop anmateruer craimainla these are crinmainl inforamantsm, they galss attach ritered ciops they know how to amiplulate COPS like Tony Folk, you know im going aftyer him.. i not care if im trustwarty and never break trust with you EVER i olny say TRUTH. 




PURE, like you Amarlee, my cultural advisor and our ancestors, I am so resolved entirely. 

Doctors when I asked a question following (Walk Project) built for (DV childhood friend and child abused kids) (self harm signs) Ros you say you must Jason you must report this *Batemans Bay, (i knowthis as it also involved alchol and made me want to leave the house as her best friend did something you will see in report) but i ask 3rd party to Jarred.

As friend has 2 domestic controls (2 distrucbing adults) I even tell my friend I not want involvement to dangerous for there town tough guysharry and she knows this.. so how can i help her not get HERSELF wiht pice, same way as Shannae, and all crimal safe. mums sublty inforamed so they can cover their as and get corrected shutle attention with confirdence of my Kalwan Indigenous team of Elite FEMSLE maedical and a Calral Advisor who realtesa nd place us together like Amarlee. 


Asif i do any other way all girpls already introuble with poice ok to many TIMES.


Kylie.. SKATER you are SO LUCKY ...i am your witness), or by all means drag me in so unnecessarily into YOUR PROBLEM of NSW Police Centerlink and NSW Child Services.  Klyiwe i told you i cannot lie ok, and especailly not to Hide Mat Child Abuse W**ker ok.  

You lied to NSW Police (you would be feeling so sick about what you did) you can not even disprove YOU DIDN'T lie, (Skater im nso glad you used my name and no ones elses, as no one else would have done this for you, you family absolutely refesed to help or even warn you, as you lired to everyone about us, even summer and Moni in you DOTS ask you not to FOLLOW these ESHAY over 40's WANABE tried hard dickhead crimsas they are the most poxiest emarasment of adult try hard evirment i ever seen). Seroiusly unfucking cool ok. Yuo lide to copa for FUCKTARDS cowardly wana bes that a person like me would tear HARRY ia new head, . No way am i getting involve in you problem, as all you had to do with mat was be truthful woht moni zoeoy and toyu doctors, after all mat love and wants more trhey, lets so how =Nat an dMat set upi eho, as iam PROOF klyie want proper pay from leaon too as Nat (lower rent she gets is a frai proice ok. mat whay do oyu mnot pay chicld support and you or tron send that pudrid shit grouped in my Corposrate acountes  bank statements. 

Yuo Kliye ar ein hepas of shit tell everyone to F off join my team Vs them all or jion team lets fucking ignore and play with Monis life game of severice histocric Unreported Child abouse. 




You are so controlled YOU forget about all YOUR OWN and kids TRUTHFUL accusations in you own 400+k Dots FB Messagegers, WORSE Kylie i am you witness to you and kids destess at being abouse, i know what Zoey (your adult child) warend you about and moment i expalian ed nat is (summer doing that sending you in to a nervous breakdown, it is WHY i volinatary left the house as you are a completly different personn to the Kylie i know around both Nat an dMat andHarry and leaons who jsut fucked you and kids over.. i never need to reporrt, if Mat was true WANTING therpy with you and kids.. as why tell me truth reasurred Jared with BS.. as no one cares excepty you to hide childabuse.. so i know you are in shit i have cnetrelink threat sent and reported to docotrs and uplaoded word for word by matt or tron to service austraila dating back to MAY the time you Cory so upset you come to me to stop it.. jcheck you own dots..  when you just begged 23 times not to report it right though to opening acknowlediing you domestic contrals when you saind and both messaged you miss us so much and even just as friends.. well it was that thet made me know (you had no choice due to dostec Voilance and contraol you had now chipice as i just expereinced that and (never want to agian in my life)




Zoey will be contacted via her coneren and (mine re nat) an d(your iort mat) hiding child abuse (both intentioanl uoseing my name.. It is not a malisous game you all pleay with each other it just BIT you know one else klyie, i not fuckgin aboused you kids, multiple ADULT KNOW about it ok , admissons 100of tyhem in you own trutful DOTS (words