AAA Project Business Plan (master)

Business Plan

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GC Websites


  • This ABP Business Plan taps directly into an active market of Gold Coast Consumers and Businesses.
  • This ABP Business Plan can operate within this simplified format and/or extend right through to sales, franchising and/or distribution.

Table of Contents

  1. Start up
  2. Sales and Marketing
  3. Supply
  4. Sale Price / Corporate
  5. Advanced

Start Up

1 a. Purchasing Party

We are selling an "ABP Selected" business plugin into the Gold Coast Community, Consumer and Business Engagement Project and the GC Business Network.  This business plugin comes with a supportive business plan and is ready to engage immediately.

This business plan has been designed to plugin to both existing business operatives and also new business operatives.

  1. the purchasing party acknowledges they are competent in business operative
  2. and have in uncumbered ability to operate their business and or company to all requirements relevant by Australian business law.
  3. the purchasing party acknowledges that Australian Business Project is supplying the business plan and opportunity only.
  4. The purchasing party is responsible for all normal operative business costs relevant to their business set up and or structure.

Sales and Marketing

a. Customer Engagement

The ABP Business Plan comes with 3 years of prepaid advertising and personalised sales representation within a very large and transparent market of Gold Coast Businesses.

The purchasing business is not only limited to this representation and may undertake any additional advertising, at their own cost and are able to conduct their business as they see fit.

The prepaid advertising within the ABP Supported Business Plan beyond the three (3) year period, will then become the full responsibility of the purchasing business having now had ample time to have formed a solid market of consumers, fine tune their sales lines.

2b. Gold Coast Community Consumer and Business Engagement Project.

The Gold Coast Community, Consumer and Business Engagement project has been responsible for millions of dollars in turnover for Gold Coast Business.  It is engaged with the local community and its consumers and delivers year round business return*.

This ABP Business Plan; GC Websites plugs straight into this project with previously proven successful engagement.

*subject to advertisement appeal

2c. Gold Coast Discounts

Gold Coast Discounts is one of the most popular discount medias on the Gold Coast.  Its brand name alone engages your business and GC Websites with 100's of thousands of customers.  Gold Coast Discounts is unlike any other advertising, this is a media loved liked and followed by tens of thousands and thousands of customers.

  • Printed Brochure Ads
    • Letterbox Brochures
    • Shopping Centre Brochures
  • Digital Advertising
    • Website Advertising
    • App Advertising
    • Social Media Advertising

2d. GCLocals

GC locals is a newly acquired website that provides free links for Gold Coast locals.  It content attracts 10's of thousands of locals and provides them with one click links to your products and services.

  • Digital Advertising
    • Website Advertising
    • App Advertising Links
    • Social Media Advertising

e. Engagement Attraction

While the project uses the example of a simple website sales;  it can be expanded into multiple sales lines and income abilities.  This ABP business plan was designed for 3 purposes for profitable longevity in business

  1. To provide exceptional value to a captured market of Gold Coast Consumers
  2. To provide an excellent business model for the potential purchaser
  3. To provide an excellent income asset and a delivery of new clients for the purchasing business.
  • Best Deal
    • ABP Business Plan GC Websites has been built with provision for best deal advertising attraction.
    • This means ABP see this as imperative that the GC Websites always leads with its best deal/s to continually capture and retain an ever growing flow of customers.
    • Business diverting from this line of business plan will lose the initiative of customer engagement ability, word of mouth advertising and growth of customers and many other downturns at their own responsibility.

f. Turnover and Income for your business

There are multitudes of income lines and abilities within this ABP business plan.  It is the responsibility of the purchasing party to merge this within their new, current or existing business structure.

g. Local Business, Up-sell or Expand

While the project uses the example of a website sales;  it can be expanded into multiple sales lines and income abilities.  It is up to the purchasing party to operate a simplified local business or expand their services, distribute or franchise.  Should your business excel and you wish to further expand, ABP can provide distribution and franchise support within our ABP Project Index.


Due to the diversification of the purchasing parties this business plan has a number of supply options relevant to the purchasing business operative.

Sale Price / Corporate

GC Business Websites is an ABP business plugin has been released for sale to interested companies and or business operators looking for a secure line and build of income post COVID19.  ABP partnered options can also be considered.   

Sale Price $155,000 +GST


If you would like to enquire about this business opportunity or more information about this project contact Australian Business Projects


If the purchasing party is satisfied with the our project and would like to further advance their business Australian Business Projects is able to provide consultancy and/or business planning assistance for franchise expansion.


  • Do not let your business stagnate, utilise Australian Business Projects executive management; responsible for millions of dollars in business income and turnover.

Expansion and Franchising

While the project uses the example of a simple example of website sales;  it can be expanded into multiple sales lines and income abilities.

It is the choice of the purchasing party as whether to operate a simplified profitable local business or expand, up-sell, distribute, franchise, etc relevant to their ongoing preferred requirements.