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Crisis Management Solutions

Australian Business Projects is measured via results.  
We study projects, resolve problems and provide solution. 

Re Build with speed
your Restaurant or Cafe

Australian Business Projects turnover millions of dollars within projects and provide transparent highly successful solution platforms for local economies.

Re-engaging Communities, Consumers & Business

Whether its injecting money or saving money ABP has crisis solution plugins capable of turning around deficits with high speed community and business solutions.

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Most Management, Owners or Cheifs kill thier own business

In almost all occasion it is an owner, a manager or chef killing a business' potential. We identify the root cause almost instantly and our historic studies, success and procedures leave no stone unturned.

Our Skills & Expertise

Australian Business Projects are crisis solution specialists.  We study failure, identify and provide solutions within restaurants and cafes. We turnover millions of dollars for Gold Coast Business

We provide the strictest confidentiality to all clientele.  To speak with Australian Business Projects, direct all enquiry through to ABP Chairman Jason McMillan on p:0425 638 428 or via the ABP contact page.

Crisis Management Resolution

Examples of successful ABP studies, solutions and projects

ABP Government Plug-in
ICE & Methamphetamine

Ceases methamphetamine use in it tracks and provides irrefutable solution to addiction and rehabilitation. Saves governments billions of dollars and provides solutions capable of turning around budgets, diverting crisis and or winning election.

ABP Government Plugin
Smoking and Tobacco

Australian Business Project (262) is a Medical Government Plugin saving lives and assists governments, manage smoking and tobacco use without the loss of taxable income.

Local Community, Consumer & Business Engagment Project

Powerful medias servicing over 500,000 Gold Coast Locals, Residents, Families, Seniors and Visitors to the coast and responsible for millions of dollars in turnover for Gold Coast Business.