ABP (419) Brandname Food & Beverage

ABP (419) Sensitive technology... one of the most powerful brand names ever developed for the food and beverage industry.

A brand name NO ONE can forget..

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  • One of the strongest brand names for food and beverage in the world.
  • An unforgettable brand name and unforgettable reference to service / product
  • Perfect for restaurants, food chains, beverage companies, delivery companies, brewery's, distillers, corporate companies already within the industry and/or new business entrepreneurs looking for exceptional income opportunity post COVID19.
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Project (419) is a Sensitive File

ABP (419) is an ABP intellectual property developed for sale and licencing to corporate business entities.  We provide the strictest confidentiality to all clientele.  To speak with Australian Business Projects, please direct all enquiry through to CDG Corporate, Dylan Goldspring who will manage and qualify your enquiry on our behalf.

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