ABP (422) Edible Rooftop & Courtyard Gardens  P.O.A

ABP (422) Edible Rooftop & Courtyard Gardens is a highly profitable ABP post COVID19 business opportunity for anyone that loves gardening.

A highly profitable ABP post COVID19 business opportunity covering all your business advertising and guaranteed delivery of consumers for your first 3 years.

  • A very simple, low overhead operative
  • Highly successful project turning over millions of dollars for Gold Coast Business.
  • Perfect for companies / businesses already within the industry and/or new business operators looking for exceptional income opportunity post COVID19.

ABP (422-1) Edible Rooftop & Courtyard Gardens is part of the
Gold Coast Community, Consumer and Business Engagement Project

Business Plug-in

Edible Rooftop & Courtyard Gardens Business Plugin built for

  • safe income
  • product in demand
  • minimal start up expense
  • simplified operative
  • low overhead expenses
  • very profitable return

Post Covid19 Business Opportunity

Edible Rooftop & Courtyard Gardens is an excellent Post Covid19 business opportunity for;

  • new business income
  • companies looking for post Covid19 trading arms
  • businesses already within industry looking to inject new sales lines
  • managers or entrepreneurs capable of managing a safe, solid platform of repetitive business return.

Simple Operative

  • This a very simple business plugin to the Gold Coast Community consumer and business engagement project.
  • It provides the business plan and also the media and customer engagement component.
  • This is a project that can be plugged directly into existing or new business operatives.
  • Extensive ABP business plan starting with simplified opportunity right through to options toward distributorships and or franchising should the purchasing party wish to pursue.

Multiple Income abilities

This a very simple business plugin to the Gold Coast Community consumer and business engagement project that can be expanded into multiple sales lines and income abilities as the as seen below.

Rooftop, Balcony and Courtyard Gardens
Base products
Up-sale Products
Produce Products
Restaurants / Wholesale
In house expansion

Rooftop & Courtyard Gardens_v0105_high res

Sale Price / Corporate

Edible Rooftop & Courtyard Gardens (Gold Coast) business plugin has been released for sale to interested companies and or business operators looking for a secure line and build of income post COVID19.  ABP partnered options can also be considered.

Sale Price $95,000 +GST   

Investor and SMSF enquiries.

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