ABP (320) Walk Australia
Burleigh Heads $90k +GST

ABP (320) Walk Australia is a specifically designed to plug into the Gold Coast Community, Consumer and Business Engagement Project.

One of the hottest new ABP Project releases for 2020 post COVID19, throughout Australia.  We've studied broken down all the repetitive failures of weight loss, we've turned patient zero around after 28 years of bad health and we have done it with ease.

Motivation without Intimidation.  We are now sharing this program to benefit all of Australia and we are getting you to simply Walk (not even far) back to great health.

Lose weight easy, improve mental health and get results, Walk Australia is the easiest, non gimmick, proven weight loss results and irrefutable life changing health benefits. Its a program so strong that you will see and feel results, or it gives you your money back.


Walk Australia has been designed for everybody.  It is especially designed to take all the hyped B.S promises customers get in return for their money..... for so called "easy" weight loss.

Walk delivers far more enjoyable weight loss and good health freedom.  It lets you make life time changes (as you want to make them) with proven result. 

There is no gym or Jenny Craig or personal trainer as easy or effective and unless you particularly love for going to a gym.... Walk caters for everyone else.

Walk gives you unprecedented freedoms that have NEVER be recognised in weight loss before... Walk gives you choice, it gives you control but most of all....... it provides irrefutable results and EASE of weight loss that just cannot be denied.


Its that simple.  So if you have legs you simply choose your preferred Walk...  From beginner, to intermediate to advanced you choose ANY category of Walk that best suits you and YOU can change it around whenever you want.

Walk makes it easy... its socially enjoyable and it gives you just the perfect amount of support you need.  How we do it works.. and it also caters for people with special needs too.

AND...Walk is not a hyped health program or a gym sales program of false promises of a new "broker" you.  Instead it's been deliberately made affordable for everyone at only $10 a week.  With NO lock in contracts, you DESIGN your own personalised Walk program which you you can join, quit, pause or hold where ever and whenever you want.

There is no pressure AND there is no failure and that's why the Walk - Australian program works so well.

fit man

So get off your backside Australia, stop making excuses and getting brain washed by sales people selling BS promises of six packs, miracle shakes and gym memberships you never go to.

Walk has eradicated failure after failure after failure of 1000's of weight loss programs. 

Walk is about so much more than weight loss, Walk gets you back in good physical and mental health and Walk has irrefutably delivered where every other program has failed.


Learn about Walk - Australia


Walk for You 

What it does, how it works.. and why it makes weight loss easy. If you are sick of all the hyped BS promises of FAILED six packs, miracle shakes and gym memberships....  Walk is just perfect for you.


Walk - YOUR guarantee to weight loss or YOUR money back

Although Walk is not expensive.... if its not for you or you're not seeing the results you wanted we'll give you your money back because Walk has been designed to meet YOUR requirements..... not the gym's or Jenny Craig's.


Patient Zero
Immediate Results

ABP checked Patient Zero into Kalwan Health Billinga for an official doctor's appointment March 8th, 2020.  After 28 years of bad health his weight was recorded as 108kg.  As of the 29th July 2020 his weight is recorded as 92kg (a total loss of 16kg).   He achieved this via our program on 5 months walking on average no more then 2.1 times per week while eating McDonald's, drinking beer and enjoying all the weight loss freedoms in the world.


About Walk and
How it can help you

Walk.. is not just about weight loss it is ticking ALL the boxes for good physical and mental health, it makes you correct ALL types of medical conditions like diabetes and arthritis, its beating heart disease and even depression.  Walk is that is so easy... you just can't fail and you don't even need to walk far to lose a lot of weight and gain all these benifits.

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Walk - coming to over 100 NEW LOCATIONS near you 

Walk Australia is launching another 100 new exciting locations already on the board for 2021... so register now Australia because Walk is coming to a town near you.

If you would like to be involved with Walk Australia we are now excepting business submissions from Queensland and all the way to all cities and states of Australia and regional towns like Batemans Bay following those devastating bushfires and Corona outbreak. Want to operate you own easy business, make money with Walk Australia



Walk for Business

From a business perspective Walk caters to the largest market of consumers in the world; Weight Loss....  But that's NOT why we designed it.

Walk was about "fixing the failures" and poor performances of gyms, diets and weight loss centres.  Walk makes losing weight "easy for everyone"... and put simply that's why it works.

Walk is also creating employment and providing local business opportunities right around Australia providing limitless business income opportunity for both local and corporate ownership.

There has never been business opportunity like it.

  • A very simple, low overhead operative
  • Highly successful project turning over millions of dollars for Gold Coast Business.
  • Perfect for companies / businesses already within the industry and/or new business operators looking for exceptional income opportunity post COVID19.

ABP (320) Walk Australia - Burleigh Heads is part of the
Gold Coast Community, Consumer and Business Engagement Project

walk- belly-body-clothes-diet

Business Plug-in

GC Wholesale Meats Business Plugin built for

  • safe income
  • product in demand
  • minimal start up expense
  • simplified operative
  • low overhead expenses
  • very profitable return

Post Covid19 Business Opportunity

GC Wholesale Meats is an excellent Post Covid19 business opportunity for;

  • new business income
  • companies looking for post Covid19 trading arms
  • businesses already within industry looking to inject new sales lines
  • managers or entrepreneurs capable of managing a safe, solid platform of repetitive business return.

Simple Operative

  • This a very simple business plugin to the Gold Coast Community consumer and business engagement project.
  • It provides the business plan and also the media and customer engagement component.
  • This is a project that can be plugged directly into existing or new business operatives.
  • Extensive ABP business plan starting with simplified opportunity to simply make a commission and or margin right through to options toward distributorships and or franchising should the purchasing party wish to pursue.

Multiple Income abilities

This a very simple business plugin to the Gold Coast Community consumer and business engagement project.  While the project uses the example of a simple cut of Rib Eye / Scotch Fillet sales;  it can be expanded into multiple sales lines and income abilities as the as seen below.

Base products
Produce Product, Up-Sell and/or Commission on Sales
Up-sale Products
Top-shelf Products
*Cooked meats
*Knife sharpening service
*Spit hire
*Cooking lessons
*Food trucks
*Restaurants / Wholesale
*In house expansion
*Use of Butchers
*Slicing Services
*Use of butcher shops
*Sub letting
*Shop Fronts


Sale Price / Corporate

GC Wholesale Meats business plugin has been released for sale to interested companies and or business operators looking for a secure line and build of income post COVID19.  ABP partnered options can also be considered.

Sale Price $175,000 +GST   (SOLD)

Investor and SMSF enquiries.

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