ICE & Methamphetamine Government Plugin

  • $5,500,000+GST

    ABP (223) is a Government and Local Government plugin for managing ICE (drug) methamphetamine use, addiction and rehabilitation
    This project
     Ceases methamphetamine use in it tracks.
     Provides irrefutable solution to addiction and rehabilitation.
     Delivers irrefutable savings to Government and related departments within; economy, health, medical, social services, unemployment, law, drug force and crime representing trillions of dollars.

ABP (223) is a plugin specifically developed for licencing to governments. This is a powerfully engineered plugin of transparent and irrefutable solution with high levels built in internal securities delivering billions of dollars of savings to government.  ABP (223) is a plugin built to engage both governing and their opposing political powers. 

Project (223) is a Sensitive File

Due to the sensitive information contained within the Project's Business Plan, all enquiries will first need to qualify prior to any disclosure. Serious investment enquiries only. More information can be provided once we qualify your enquiry.