About Us

Australian Business Projects develops ground breaking technologies and business projects

Our expertise is solution and advancement

  • Community, Business and Government Advancements

    From managing methamphetamine usage, rehabilatation and addiction, to mobile phone law enforcement and personal secruity. Australian Business Projects provides solutions to challenging problems.

  • Crisis Management

    We achieve swift results in crisis resolution. Our Advanced Crisis Solution Projects save you from crisis resolution that you don't even know has happen yet. We are have crisis solution plugins already prepared with expertise for your business, government, medical, corporate and sporting solutions.

  • Working with China

    We have experienced teams on the ground that can help you with sales, manufacturing, purchasing, management and projects.

ABP Services include


Manufacturing in China

IP Australia

Management in China

Patent advice

US Patent & Trademark Office

ABP Projects include

Crisis Resolution

Industry Projects

Government Plugins

Business Plans

Intellectual Property