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Project Portfolio
The Gold Coast Community, Consumer and Business Engagement Project

Gold Coast Community Consumer and Business Engagement Project

A highly successful 10 year project servicing over 500,000 Gold Coast Locals, Residents, Families, Seniors and Visitors to the coast SAVING them 1000's of Dollars each YEAR

Powerful Gold Coast Medias
saving locals 1000's of $$$

Built with limitless platforms of community and business engagement Gold Coast Medias engaged with Gold Coast consumers.

FREE Gold Coast Business Network
saving businesses 1000's of $$$

Responsible for millions of dollars in TURNOVER for Gold Coast Businesses and saving them 1000's of $$$ every year on business expenses.

Project Portfolio
ABP Post Covid19 Business Opportunities

Post Covid19 business opportunities with Australian Business Projects

Highly profitable ABP post COVID 19 business plugins with ABP backed business plans covering all your business advertising with a "guaranteed" delivery of consumers for your first 3 years

Investment and SMSF Opportunities with Australian Business Projects

Browse through our ABP Project portfolios for project investments with Australian Business projects.  Perfect for investor and SMSF operatives wanting to make investment return on powerful technologies, contact ABP.

Interlectual Property and Trademark Investments with ABP

Bleeding edge business projects perfect for all type of entrepreneur, corporate companies and operatives wanting to make powerful investment return, contact ABP.

Project Portfolio
ABP Government, Community, Medical & Health

ABP Government Plug-in
ICE & Methamphetamine

Ceases methamphetamine use in it tracks and provides irrefutable solution to addiction and rehabilitation. Saves governments billions of dollars and provides solutions capable of turning around budgets, diverting crisis and or winning election.

ABP Government Plugin
Smoking and Tobacco

Australian Business Project (262) is a Medical Government Plugin saving lives and assists governments, manage smoking and tobacco use without the loss of taxable income.

ABP Project
Walk - Australia

One of the hottest new ABP Project releases post COVID19.  Lose weight easy, improve mental health and the largest market of consumers in the world.  Powerful ABP/IP designed business plan designed all the way through to franchising.

Project Portfolio
ABP Manufacturing Solutions Export and Development

ABP Industry Projects
Wind-On Connective Technologies

Cutting edge connective technology developed by ABP.  Eligible for multiple government export grants within enormous proven markets of domestic and export sales.

Australian Tackle Company

World 1st Tournament Winning Fishing Tackle developed on the Gold Coast Australia.  Braid Mono Swivels, Wind-On Tackle and Interchangeable Jig Heads.

Local Markets / Shows & Events
Fishing Distributorships

Highly profitable, low overhead businesses. Perfect for anyone that loves fishing. Local Market and Show/Event opportunities Australia wide.

ABP Global Technologies
Swimming Pool Technology 

Easy new product for cleaning swimming pools.  Highly effective, very simple to produce and highly profitable.  If you or (your company) is looking for a massive new swimming pool cleaning product capable of flooding world markets, irrelevant of COVID19.

ABP Global Technologies
Solar & Solar Storage

Another world first solar development from Australian Business Projects utilising solar energy and solar storage technologies for a multitude of industry.

ABP Global Technologies
NEW Product

Latest new product, hardware, tie straps, eyeware, surfboard leg ropes, camping, fishing, first aid, emergency military and more.  One of the easiest and most highly profitable products you have ever seen in your life.

Project Portfolio
ABP Advanced Digital Technologies

ABP Technologies
Personal Saftey App

Personal security APP that warns and assists protect person/s from bullying / harassment / mugging and crime.

ABP Technologies
Mobile Phone Law Enforcement.

Cutting edge technology, freeing up law enforcement and stopping hand held mobile phone use in its tracks.

ABP Business Plan

Your vote counts and you are about to see how much.  This is a global humanity project the likes the world has not seen and it its built for people not business or government.

Project Portfolio
ABP Crisis Solution

ABP Crisis Solutions
Business & Government

You only need to see the impact and advancements to community projects to qualify us.  ABP is in the top 1% of crisis management specialists in all of Australia.

ABP Crisis Solutions
Restaurants and Cafes

ABP specialise in turning around Restaurants and Cafes and we turnover millions of dollars in a very transparent customer market on the Gold Coast with reference to show you how its done.

ABP Crisis Solutions
NRL & Sporting

Our Gold Coast Community Consumer and Business Engagement was all about engagement with the local community.  We know how to engage.

Project Portfolio
Hulk 2.0 DV & Child Protection

White Lives Matter...

When it takes a begging mum and Indigenous Australia to save a White babies life it means ALL LIFE MATTERS. Hulk 2.0 DV & Child Protection is SUCCESSFULLY stopping DV and CHILD ABUSE in it tracks.

Hulk 2.0 Child Protection

If your children are in immediate danger do not hesitate and call 000 and report it straight to police. See our helpful info page for all your free support links.  If you are need Hulk 2.0 Child Protection, we FACTUALLY save lives with the most (REAL LIFE EXPERIENCED) elite Private DV and Child Protection Teams in Australia.

Hulk (2.0) DV Protection

If you are in domestic vilence and are in immediate danger do not hesitate and call 000 and report it straight to police. See our helpful info page for all your free support links.  If you are need Hulk 2.0 DV or Child Protection, we FACTUALLY save lives with the most (REAL LIFE EXPERIENCED) elite Private DV and Child Protection Teams in Australia.

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Australian Business Projects specialises in crisis management, solution and projects for humanity, community, business and government

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